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Make…an Autumn home make-over

Sep 1, 2015 | Inspire

Jubilation. The perfect word to describe the way we feel about Little Majlis.

Today, our new platform is live and we couldn’t be more excited to share Little Majlis’ new home with you.

Since the launch of in 2012, there has been a steady stream of changes and updates but this new platform is a culmination of months of work and years of experience and ensures that we’re well prepared to meet the needs of our growing creative community now and moving forward.

Be bold with colour – Changing the colour of your walls is an instant face lift and can completely change the sense of space and light in your living space.


Painting your walls a deep neutral like a moody charcoal grey or a rich and vibrant teal can create the perfect foil for your furniture   3. Not feeling so brave? Stick to a feature wall in an unexpected tone   4-5. Get experiemental with paint effects… a colour wash is an original and not often seen option and creates a lovely dreamy wall finish   

Embrace pattern and texture – even if you’re keen to keep your colour palette limited or neutral, pattern and texture create visual interest and add warmth to a room. Accessorizing with an eclectic mix of cushions, throws and decor items are an obvious choice, but don’t underestimate the impact of a spectacular floor treatment!



Wonderfully tactile natural fibre rugs add a homely feel and introduce texture and pattern to a space   3-4. Soft furnishings can be inexpensive and regularly updated elements to really add a seasonal feel to your living room. You can never have too many throw cushions!   5. Don’t save the wall decals for your kids – they can be equality as effective in a family space, choose a more sophisticated spot or triangle if hearts aren’t your thing!   6. Wallpaper, to get the pattern working on your vertical surfaces 

Find a piece of furniture to talk about – there’s no shortage of big brands when it comes to furniture shopping in the UAE, but take the time to find something a little unique that will differentiate your living room.


Seek out a handcrafted, antique or vintage piece of furniture to create a point of interest in your space   3. A 50s sideboard is a must-have in our little majlis, providing handy storage space as well as impact   4-6. When it comes to furnishings, don’t go for the obvious – repurpose or make some more original choices, like a daybed, hanging chair or informal but delicious leather poufs in lieu of your typical 3-seater

Make a statement with wall art – Whether you’ve been bold with colour or stuck to something more neutral, fill your walls with art. Mix originals with prints, photographs and more. If your budget it tight, try creating something yourself, frame your children’s masterpieces or throw a few quirky mirrors in the mix.



Create a gallery wall with a mix of different pieces, including prints and canvases. These pieces look fabulous hung low on the wall and their neutral tones create a harmonious effect   2. Mirrors, plates and other accessories can work together with framed pieces   3. Be clever with colour and ensure the other elements in your room complement your wall treatment, as this quirky yellow chair does    4. Reframe your existing collection for a fresh look, but if you’re investing in new pieces, go for something with a local flavour   5. Be creative and group personal objects and images with more traditional forms of wall art

Open up to the outdoors – Now your home’s interior is looking fabulous, it’s time to throw open the garden doors and think about that outdoor space of yours…

1. Get ready for the cooler days ahead and implement a few of Little Majlis’ simple ideas for Gulf gardens…or go all out and build your dream playhouse!

Happy home making!

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