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Our essential ‘hard to find’ list from

Aug 27, 2015 | Inspire

The Little Majlis marketplace is stocked with handmade, artisan, personalised and boutique finds from designer-makers, crafters and the curated collections from small local brands. As such, so many of their products are difficult to source out there in the traditional markets and malls of the Gulf.

As simple as choosing your favourite hard to find items from the Little Majlis marketplace may sound, of all the topics to write about, this one caused quite the debate around our little majlis. How on earth do you compile a short list of your top hard to find things from a website whose specialty is to showcase the hard to find?

Challenge on, but here’s how that list of ours looks…

1. Vintage temple with authentic mercuried mirrors and terracotta tiles from The Urban Yogi   2. Pair for vintage wingback faux bamboo chairs from Eclectic Living   3. 4-door cabinet made from reclaimed window shutters from The Attic


1. Moon & Money silver earrings, handcrafted by Deseneros   2. Peacebomb talisman leather wrap from ByeByeRascal   3. Keffiyeh necklace by Accessorette   4. Black and amber ring from KYP by Lepart

1. Classic shift dress, available in black, blue, tangerine and turquoise from Alana Bree   2. Naya Nova‘s two-toned palestiniana chaqueta   3. Geometric patterned kaftan from Canava   4. Island dress in white from 2birds

1. Luxury leather poufs from ChoiSi   2. Nomad wool rug from The Corner Shop   3. ‘The Man’ cushion from Nittywitty   4. Little Majlis‘ own ‘Please do the Needful’ tea towel   5. Vintage style wall lights from The Corner Shop

1. Custom Map Love painting from Biha Designs   2. Geomingo poster print from Miniterior   3. To the Moon & Back poster from Hayaa   4. Original canvas by Narmeen Naser

 1. Custom hand-stamped cufflinks from Circles in the Sand   2. Maarib‘s gold-plated name pendant, available in English or Arabic   3. Arabic calligraphy custom monogram by Natoof   4. Customised wooden sign, made with your name or saying, by Kuki   5. Pet silhouette print, created from a photo of your own pet, by Personalised Prints

1. Starry superhero cape from Oddsocks   2. Handcrafted wooden cat and mouse toy from Harmony House Toys   3. Swimmable mermaid tail from Coral Tails, available in a choice of colours   4. Tutubug‘s baby tutu set   5. Happy cloud cushion from Brighteyez

1. Dubai Skyline, which can be personalised, by Made in the Desert   2. Child’s Blue Ghutra t-shirt from Cute Edition   3. Pictoresca Design‘s UAE notebook   4. Little Majlis‘ own camel leather and sterling silver bracelet

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