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The Making of a Pop Up.

Nov 12, 2015 | Inspire

Little Majlis is popping up at Dubai’s number 1 shopping location for all things sustainable and good – The Change Initiative.  This store-in-store concept runs from 29th October until the 2nd January and showcases our made in the UAE goodies, alongside some other fabulous local brands, as well as some special events featuring a few of those Little Majlis shop keepers you all love (we just have to get cracking and organise that bit, but it will happen!).

We had grand plans but in true Dubai style things starting to unravel before they had left the drawing board and as a result the physical space literally popped together over a couple of days. It was a grey hair moment that we thought we would share with you…



Character mood boards, paint selection, design and general co ordination…

Between The Change Initiative, Benjamin Moore Paints and team Little Majlis we developed a vision and decided that no matter what got thrown our way we were going to make it happen in 2 and a half days!




After racing all over town for timber, lights, poles, rope, screws and all sorts of other construction bits and pieces, Satwa was our saviour! A huge thank you Reem for giving us the local tips we so desperately needed. And then it was home time to build some fun festive rope lighting (little majlis style!).

Toil and Tinker also pulled through with the printing goods… now the lovely people at Toil and Tinker will know that we often have a thing or two to say about their scheduling, but we stick with it because the outcome is worth it. But on this occasion they pulled out all the stops. Printing out huge wall decals and laminated floor stickers within 24 hours, and all we can say is thank goodness they came down and helped install that carpet because we had got ourselves in one sticky mess.



We managed to get some carpenters in Al Quoz to build some frames for us in a day and after an evening delivery of loose timber (rather then what we had asked for) it was panic stations! After a sleep we were rather excited to find a pile of Little Majlis house frames waiting for us at the rear car park of The Change Initiative – happy days!


And then it was full steam a head with painting, followed by an evening of assembling and setting up shop, before lights out and racing home at 10pm for some much needed sleep…






The best bit – seeing the space come alive with excellent local products, lovely people and amazing food (thanks to The Taste Initiative, who also feed us well during our late night antics!).

And of course we were rather thrilled to receive the most amazing flowers from Uniflora – the perfect treat for a couple of exhausted ladies!  Big thanks.



What’s next you may ask?

A lot more activation and a host of new Little Majlis in-house products (including those lovely pillow slips and cushion covers in-store now and online soon, plus those gorgeous arab dolls we all love!).

During the 2 month pop up period there will be some unique events taking place, including a beauty pop up on the 12th November at 10am, as well as some festive markets with a twist (and a few nice surprises!) so be sure to visit this blog post again as we’ll be updating it with all the info as soon as it’s confirmed.

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