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Merry & Bright – Celebrate the 2016 Festive Season

Dec 1, 2016 | Inspire

Hello December! The first of December marks the official start of the festive season here at Little Majlis and we’re feeling merry and bright about the celebrations this month holds.

Not only are we celebrating 45 fabulous years this UAE National Day, the Christmas countdown is on. It’s the perfect time of year to reflect, unwind and spend some quality time out with family and friends enjoying the good things in life.

Make your festive season an extra special one celebrate in style with us…

1. Drinks & nibbles boards and platters from Dassie   2. Wreath making kit from Life in a Balloon   3. Glass markers from Moderno Home Accents 4. Pewter cheese knife from The Rustic Bead   5. Yasmina’s arabesque cookie box   6. Scamp’s quirky reindeer candle   7. Little Majlis’ tassel candle in 100% soy wax   8. Personalised festive sign by The Joinery Shop Dubai

1. Striking striped robe from Canava   2. Peacebomb bangle from ByeByeRascal   3. Sable et Soie’s Rosa midi kimono with lace accent   4. Hex stud earrings from VICE   5. RAW’s Askar bucket bag   6. Layered necklace from Azzopardi   7. Aphrodite ballerina shoes from Aelia


1. Customised ceramic tableware from Imprint   2. Engraved wooden board by The Joinery Shop Dubai   3. Emaan Home’s marble coaster set   4. Handcrafted butter dish from Dassie   5. Fill-your-own cracker set by Diginix Creations   6. Handmade glass tumblers by Yellow Design Studio   7. Animal seasoning shaker set by Silhoutte

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