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Four legged love

Feb 15, 2016 | Inspire

We’ve been dishing out the love this month at Little Majlis and thought it was high time we sent a little loving in the way our always faithful, always up for a snuggle and always totally lovable animal pals.

Whether you’re a pet owner or just a lover of furry and feathered things, Little Majlis’ small brands bring you a big bundle of animal themed products for all creatures great and small. So go on, get out of the dog house and spread a little post-Valentines animal love…

1. Nordic Fairyland’s organic jungle pram rattle   2. Little bunny rug in 100% cotton from Marmarland   3. Wood & crocher owl teether handmade by BabyLu   4. Handmade snake rattle from Pebble   5. Cute crochet owl booties from Ninipoosh


1. Scamp’s cat ball for cool cats   2. All natural pet soap from Natural Living Limited   3. Eco friendly cardboard ‘Blocks’ cat playhouse from Scamp

1. Birdy chaqueta from UAE designer, Nayanova   2. Island dress in ‘brown giraffe’ print from 2birds   3. La Peshta’s zebra print avarca sandals   4. Cheetah print playsuit from 2birds

 1. Tiger lucky charm bracelet from La Elegancia   2. Vikkishop’s purrfect makeup pouch   3. Premium suede tote from Lokaloka, made in UAE using camel leather   4. Endangered species wallet from Scamp   5. Camel leather bracelet from Little Majlis own collection   6. Handcrafted insect cufflinks by Jan D’Sa 

1. Cat candle with metal skeleton from Scamp, also available in pink and black   2. Original artwork from MariKo Art & Design   3. Quirky gazelle cushion from Interiors by Farah Nasrawi    4. Wooden butterfly art from Design K   5. Birds in Flight wall light from the rustic bead   6. Miniterior’s ‘georaffe’ poster    7. Leopard pewter cheese knife from the rustic bead

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