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Hello 2016!

Jan 1, 2016 | Inspire

Happy new year!

2015 flew by in a blink of a Little Majlis eye and we’re shouting out a big hello to welcome 2016!

New years bring with them review, resolutions and plotting of plans. All these things are hot topics in our little majlis and here’s a taster of what’s going to be keeping us busy at in the bright new year ahead…

Creating something that has a unique story of where it is from, what it represents and how it was made is something that only small brands can offer. This story is what makes a product truly special. Little Majlis is where to discover them.

Little Majlis showcases the best of our homegrown makers & merchants. We support them by encouraging you to shop from the local brands who are inspiring the UAE.

There’s nothing quite like finding a wonderful souvenir of a place. Something that’s actually been inspired by a place and then designed and made in that place using locally sourced materials. It’s an integral part of that all essential story we’ve mentioned. Choosing to purchase locally made products supports the whole community and Little Majlis is the place to shop for all things Made in UAE.

In 2016 we’re sharing the Little Majlis love and giving people around the globe a true taste of the UAE that we call home. Whether you’re lucky enough to live here or just visiting, take a keepsake from Little Majlis home with you.

A heartfelt thanks to one and all for your support of Little Majlis.

We wish you only good things for the new year. Let’s shine in 2016!

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