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Homeware Happiness…Little Majlis Takes it Inside

May 16, 2016 | Inspire

Are you a home maker, a nest builder, a lover of gorgeous and unique things? Little Majlis’ marketplace is stocked by unique and independent brands from the UAE.

Feather your nest…

1. Handcrafted cushion cover from Serendipity Home   2. Little Majlis’ shisha linen napkin set   3. Butterflies cat ball from Scamp   4. Handcrafted ceramic salad bowl from Wonkiware   5.The Imperfect Parlour’s vintage style coffee table   6. Star design cotton towel from 2birds   7. Woven laundry basket from Dassie   8. Artisan made leather poufs from Choisi


1. Porcelain leopard bowl from The Rustic Bead   2. Palms cushion cover by Great Outdoor Cushions   3. Framed child’s name artwork by Personalised Prints   4. Giant cactus floor cushion by Flawd   5. Quirky Mr Snake cushion from Marmarland   6. Metal cactus wall hook from The Corner Shop   7. Cheese board gift set from The Rustic Bead   8. Cat shaped candle from Scamp



1. Onion lamp from Dassie   2. Embroidered sachet by Amira Alaoui   3. Handcrafted bowl from The Corner Shop   4. Luxury cotton sheet set from Hammam Boudoir   5. Wooden key cabinet by The Joinery Shop   6. Floor rug by Qissa   7. Paper storage bag from The Corner Shop  8. Framed wire artwork


1. Wooden box shelf from Khashab   2. Original artwork on canvas from Dubai Acrylic   3. Carved wooden console from The Urban Yogi   4. The Joinery Shop’s fun signage panel   5. Cane hanging chair from The Corner Shop   6. Dassie’s pompom basket   7. Woolen eye kilim from The Hip Crib   8. Birdcage set from Dassie


1. Shaped character cushion from Little Majlis   2. Cushion from Interiors by Farah Nasrawi   3. Silver serve ware from L’Atelier   4. Wooden coaster set from Deco Arabia   5. Little Majlis’ shisha wall decal in pink   6. Dubai skyline papercut by Made in the Desert   7. Framed local couple artwork from Queen B   8. Black Diamond’s camel caravan ornament


1. Curated Home’s agate napkin ring set   2. Batman print by Farasha Art   3. Striped cotton towel from Hands of Anatolia   4. Khayamiya ottoman by Zarkash   5. Personalised canvas artwork by Harf   6. Original Fazza painting by Narmeen Naser   7. Designer cushion by Nittywitty   8. Embroidered hamsa towels by Third Cultchr


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