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Top Ten by Design

Apr 1, 2016 | Inspire

Bringing unique things to the market is Little Majlis’ USP (that’s ‘unique selling point’!). What makes a find truly unique can vary – its design, the artisan techniques used to make it, the materials or perhaps the story behind it.

At Little Majlis, you have all the convenience of shopping online but the pleasure of discovering things that can be otherwise tricky to lay your hands on. We’re featuring just some of our favourite things from the small brands of the UAE, shopping by theme and giving you inspiration and ideas for all your gift giving needs.

Check out our top ten finds by design in no particular order…

a. Leaf pendant by Melanie Gissing Design   b. Little Majlis’ camel leather bracelet   c. Aztec cotton towel from 2birds   d. Crochet coaster by Pretty Simple Gifts   e. Jute bag from Phemke   f. Scalloped lampshade from Marmarland   g. Cocktail ring from Phemke   h. African tassel necklace from 2birds   i. Chiffon kimono from Iland Co   j. Nittywitty’s ‘inspirals’ cushion

a. Designer cushion from Nittywitty   b. Custom wooden house signs from The Joinery Shop   c. Handstamped personalised pendant from Circles in the Sand   d. Letter banner decal from Marmarland   e. Framed word block print from Personalised Prints    f. Custom sterling silver ring by Maarib Art Jewellery   g. Artisan greeting card from The Paperie   h. Literature cufflinks by StudioTravelArtsLife   i. Little Majlis’ Arabic alphabet tea towel   j. Arabic greeting card from Yislamoo

a. Photographic print by Essential Abu Dhabi   b. Cotton apron from Arabikka Seasons   c. Personalised notebooks by Birds & Dandelions   d. Little Majlis’ character cushion   e. Framed camel artwork by Personalised Prints    f. Throw cushion from Pictoresca Design   g. Montage artwork from Peas in a Pod   h. Little Majlis’ linen tea towel   i. Greeting card from Happy Days   j. Natural soap bar from Camel Milk Soap

a. Marbled party balloons from Serendipity Home   b. Embroidered silk blouse from Canava   c. Oversize floor cushion from FLAWD   d. Tassel earrings from 3to5 Store   e. Mechanical horse portrait by Farasha Art    f. Cotton towel set from La Peshta   g. Metal bracelet from La Elegancia   h. Diamond chaqueta from Nayanova   i. Framed art print from Deco Arabia   j. Snowdrop bucket bag from RAW

a. Pebble’s crochet baby rattle   b. Blue flowers cat ball from Scamp   c. Overnight bag from Lou Harvey UAE   d. Purple headband by Petite Lamb   e. Girls cotton dress from Maddy & Eva   f. Birthday greeting card from Happy Days   g. Jumpsuit from 2birds   h. Lotus agate stack bracelet from Circles in the Sand   i. Pretty baby tie back from Lia and Mia   j. Crystal flower pendant necklace by MC Studio n Design

a. Natural play dough set by Funny Dough   b. SandArt art & craft kit   c. Personalised soft toy from Petite Lamb   d. Wool rug from The Corner Shop   e. Handcrafted cotton rattles from Pebble   f. Fun bath sprudles from FizzKidz   g. Organic monkey from Nordic Fairyland   h. Swimmable mermaid set from Coral Tails   i. Personalised puzzle from Ella’s Favourite Things   j. Wooden block set from Dulce Bebe Boutique

a. Embroidered cushion by Amira Alaoui   b. Rose gold knot bracelet from By AA   c. Leather Moroccan pouf from ChoiSi   d. Egyptian necklace from VICE   e. Golden glow face mask from Izil Natural Argan Beauty   f. Leather toddler sandals from Shoeq   g. Handcrafted ring by Deseneros   h. Pineapple charm bracelet from La Elegancia   i. Rutilated quartz pendant from The Linz   j. Foil art print by Biha Designs

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