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Penning the perfect About page

Feb 15, 2018 | Workshop

You’re setting up your Little Majlis shop front, your product listings are drafted, you have an amazing looking banner uploaded, what’s next you ask?

One of the features of your shop front is the ability to include your very own About page. As fabulous as it is, your shop front is just one of several hundred at and in order to convert traffic in to sales, it’s essential to set up your shop front completely and include an About page.

Penning a perfect About page is your opportunity to help your customers learn about you and your brand. Knowledge is king and knowing about you will let them make an informed buying decision.

“trust is an essential part of making a sale”

The importance of trust

Customers need to trust you to make a purchase. Without trust, a customer will click away and spend their dirhams elsewhere.

Yours is a boutique brand and customers want to know about you before committing to a purchase. They’ve found you at because they’re looking for something a little different, something the big brands can’t offer, but you need to convince them that it’s your brand and your products that they need.

Customers want to hear your story.

About essentials

The essential questions you need to answer to turn window shoppers in to dirham spending customers are:

  • who are you and where are you from?
  • what does your business mean to you and what’s your inspiration for being in business?
  • what sets you apart and makes your brand special? Do you solve a critical problem for your customers?
  • what will your brand and products do for them and how will their life be undisputably improved by buying your products

End with a customer story or a call to action.

How to…

Add and edit your About text in the Shop Settings section of your shop dashboard.

Use short sentances and simple language. Be honest and true to your brand. Make it personal.

Sell the lifestyle and tell your story.

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