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The Good Life

Aug 1, 2018 | Inspire

August in the Gulf can be a tough month. It is undeniably (and rather uncomfortably) hot!

We’re keeping things positive and living the good life, thanks to Little Majlis’ small brands. These local businesses have a passion for health, fitness, natural skincare, well-being and living well.

Support them and they’ll look after you. It’s good karma afterall!

Editor’s pick of good living brands…

Sams Secrets. Luxury relaxation, skincare and travel accessories made from silks, semiprecious stones, cashmere and scents.

Be You International. Discover products that inspire, motivate and empower you to be yourself, powered by your passions.

Indian Earthy Naturals ME. Pure, handmade and organic skin, hair and body care products.

Himalyan Salty Treasures. Balance negative ions, reduce stress and promote better sleep with these natural salt products.

Olive + Oud. Handcrafted soaps made in small batches right here in the UAE using all natural products.

The Holistic Shop. Customised crystal grids to align with your intentions and create positive energies in a decorative way.

Positive energy for your home

Good vibes to wear

Feel the goodness

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