Organic Bamboo Straws – Set of 4 + Cleaner brush(Reusable)

by ClingNature

AED 30.00


Natural Bamboo Straws – Pack of 4 + 1 cleaning brush.
Reusable Bamboo straws, 100% natural bamboo material. No chemical treated.
Eco Friendly & Reusable: Stop Using Plastic, Acrylic, And Other, Metal Or Petroleum Derived Disposable Drinking Straws. Conventional Straws Not Only Jeopardize Your Health And Put A Dent In Your Family’s Budget, But They Also Fill The Earths Landfills With Excess Waste. Our Premium Drinking Straws Are Made From Organic, Sustain-ably Sourced Bamboo, Making Them A Foolproof Choice, Benefiting Both You And The Environment!
Non Toxic & Safe: Free Of Any Harmful Chemicals, Bpa, Or Other, Dangerous Compounds Contained In Conventional Drinking Straws,
Bamboo Straws Are Perfect For Kids And Adults Alike.
Bamboo Straws Are Ideal For Warm And Icy Cold Drinks, Making Them Your New, Trusted, Year Round Drinking Companion!

**VAT Free.


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Hello Shoppers, We are glad to have you as our valued customer. Cling Nature only deals with Eco friendly products. We are a"Say No To Plastic" team working towards reducing plastic waste on this planet. We cannot do it in a single day, but yes be a wise person and opt for eco-friendly and earth-wise options in our daily use. Our shop has the simplest items that can replace your daily used disposable plastic items and those top the list of Most pollution causing products. So go shopping with range of anti-plastic items. Happy Shopping of Safe items for your health and Mother Earths safety. **None of our products contain animal products. No trees and animals are harmed while production of our items. 100% natural and plant based products house.

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