Character cushion – Emirati Freej

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This character cushion features Little Majlis’ latest ‘Emirati Freej’ design.

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This little local character cushion is made from 100% unbleached recyclable cotton fabric

Little Majlis’ latest ‘Emirati Freej’ (neighbourhood) design is silk screen printed by hand on the front in a grey and green colour. The back of the cushion has a ghutra pattern (Arabian traditional headscarf) design silk screen printed in grey.

The main icon of the cushion is a traditional Emirati wind tower house. In arid climates the wind tower acts as a ventilation system allowing hot air to rise out the top of it, and cooler directed winds to flow down into the home. The original air conditioning system!

The cushion is filled with 100% new polyester stuffing. The seam is stitched closed and the fabric can be gently spot cleaned if required.

Approx 32cm x 18cm

Pair this camel cushion with one of our other Khaleeji character cushions, including an Arabian camel, fox, gazelle, or a bedouin camel.

Handcrafted in the United Arab Emirates.

Additional information

Weight 0,15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 18 × 32 cm

100% cotton, polyester stuffing

Made in

United Arab Emirates


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