Our story

Through unique gifting we can spark curiosity, start conversations and make memories. 

Made in

United Arab Emirates

Ethically designed

& produced gifts

Promotes Emirati

Visual culture

Empowers local

artisans & businesses

Gifts with a difference

Founded in 2012 as the regions first online artisan marketplace, Little Majlis has evolved into a boutique gifting brand that designs and manufactures unique retail, corporate and promotional products, with an emphasis on storytelling, and #madeinUAE

A love for travel and shopping for quirky, limited edition, quality artisan finds that reminds us of our adventures and the people we engage with on our travels, prompted team Little Majlis to refine it’s business operations in 2019. We believe that through quality, considered gifting we can spark curiosity, start conversations and make memories.

While it’s obvious our inhouse collection has a strong Khaleeji visual culture, we also collaborate with like minded government departments, private offices, corporations and retailers to design and produce bespoke products, brand merchandise and corporate gifts that are all about reflecting the story of our clients brand or event.

Khalli wali, we’re a bit different and we’re okay with that




Behind the story

Our Dubai based team predominantly design  inhouse, working closely with our trusted network of local artisans, small scale workshops and traders to bring you unique khaleeji souvenirs, as well as retail merchandise, corporate gifts and promotional products tailor made to fit your brief and brand messaging.

We are big believers in honest communication and building relationships with all stakeholders in our business operations, which is why we are lucky enough to say that every day is a rather good day in our Little Majlis.

Thinking outside the box is the norm, and when we’ve not sleep deprived, we love a design challenge. We delight in delivering unexpected bespoke products for you, your brand or your event. Products that are an extention of your story through considered design, materials, packaging and messaging. We invest a lot of time at the start of a creative project to ensure that we fully capture our clients and end-users requirements. The more time you give us for the design process, the better the production outcome will be. And thats a promise.

Our Little Majlis collection of regionally focussed gifts is our daily design outlet; we love to showcase the region we call home in an original authentic way; we’re the anti-souvenir, for people who want their gifting to be as unique as they are, while still looking timeless and not out of place in a global context.


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