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We love to collaborate with the press and media.

At Little Majlis we want people around the globe to get a true taste of the UAE that we love and know so well. Little Majlis is about bringing people together, and telling the story of the region we call home. We love to collaborate with the press and media.

We love it when you help us spread the Little Majlis love by writing about our brand and products, and we’re always open to telling you more; if you want to ask, we’d love to hear from you.

Who’s telling our story?

From cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurship to world-leading arts and culture, food and design, Dubai is constantly innovating and changing.

Team Little Majlis were lucky enough to be part of the BBC #MyDubai series of films that tells the stories of the people behind the big ideas, delving into the emirate’s hidden gems and discovering things you probably didn’t know about Dubai.

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